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Purple Dreams Opening @ Bunkspot

  • Bunkspot 544 East 12th Street Cincinnati, OH, 45202 United States (map)

Surreality in the X,Y,& Z

Featuring works by...

Alan Brown:
Alan Brown began his career as a professional photographer, specializing in people and creating special effect types of images, often involving mutiple imagery collaged together. Looking for a better way to do special effects, in 1989 Alan decided computer technology had gotten good enough to be used for commercial photo illustration and he bought his first color computer to aid in his projects. Over 25 years later and computers still play a large role in Alan's image creation. His work now consists of surreal landscapes populated by monolithic objects and small featureless human forms, frozen in a contemplative moment. 
ig @alanbrownone

Paul Rosas:
Paul Rosas is a Los Angeles-based mulitimedia and visual artist who dwells in Psychedelic idealism, using 3d renders to create abstractions which get at the real, in which there is no difference between the real and the idea; the dream. Set in a psychedelic world more real than "reality," surreal images and a hybrid blend of mysticism and religious provocation.
ig @paul_plastic

Ben Brown:
In this series, Ben creates images situating headless sculptural forms against backdrops of buffed graffiti on sidewalks and in alleys. These faceless statues sit at the center of an isolated scene that has likewise been stripped to anonymity.
ig @visualjunk"